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Principal tool steels
A-2Punching tool (punch and matrices) blades for shears, high tenacity, excellent stability to heat treatment. Nitruding is possible.
A-7Air hardening steel extremely resistant to abrasion. Moderate temperature of hardening, low distortion, good resistance to high temperature. Uses: moulds for abrasive, ceramic grinding stones and components for jet sanding machines.
D-2High tenacity steel (punch and matrices), blades for shears for wood, tool to roll nets, tools of stamping and spinning, stamping tools for ceramic and the pharmaceutical industry.
H-13Tools hot working and forming, extrusion matrices of die casting, matrices of forging mill, plastic matrices, blades for shear for extra services (cold or hot).
T-1Turning tools, tool planers, drills, threading tools, cutters. Components of matrices injection of zinc.
O-1Cutting tool (punches and matrices), threading tools, wood tools, mechanical knives for wood industries, paper and metallurgic industries, measurement gauges.
P-20Steel for injection mold, easily used and polished. Can be textured (electrochemical engraving)
S-1Cutting tool (punches and matrices) for strong plates, cold punching, cold shearing tool, stamping tool, tool for hot working at relatively low temperature.
S-7Excellent balance of tenacity and wear, blades of shear and punching, hot working at moderate temperature.
W-1Threading tools, wood tools, cold punching, stamping tools.