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We have a diversified number of machines in our plant :
FactoryA large scale of products
Expedition  ExpeditionImportant expedition capacity
Flame cut based on your specifications (Autocad drawings)
Flame cut(1) Flame cut, 4 heads CNC 2003, 4" x 8' x 20'
Flame cut(1) Flame cut, 6 heads, 6" x 8' x 20'
Break Amada(1) Break Amada 2003, ¼" x 10'
For steel
Shear Promecan(1) Shear Promecan, ¼" x 10'
For aluminium and stainless steel
Shear Amada(1) Shear Amada, ½" x 10'
Aluminium saw cutting(1) Aluminum saw cutting, 6" x 60" x 120"
Automatic saw cutting(1) Automatic saw cutting (CNC)
Saw cutting service(8) Saw cutting service
Reinforcing bars cutting and bending service(3) Reinforcing bars cutting and bending service